Recently Rural: A Memoir — Paperback


Eugene Havens leaves the big city for rural Oregon. You can escape the city. But problems always find you. Preorder now.

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A candid look at leaving the city for rural life

In his upcoming memoir Recently Rural, writer Eugene Havens chronicles his move to small-town America. The big city is second nature to Havens. Rural living is completely unknown. Over five years, Eugene Havens and his family find surprising hardships and unexpected pleasures.

Recently Rural will have you asking yourself, would I be crazy enough to do the same thing? Coming soon.

Book synopsis

Author of the novel Marble on a Table, Eugene Havens, shares a thoughtful memoir about loss, discovery, survival, and finding new ways (and even new reasons) to live your life.

In Recently Rural: A Memoir, a veteran of city living makes a hard transition to a town of 22,000. What are the problems? The benefits? Are there any regrets? Any silver linings? Eugene Havens spares no detail in describing what life is like in the other half of the country.

Recently Rural is about leaving everything you know for the last place on earth you expected to be. Moving to an unfamiliar locale raises a vital question. Are you who you are because of where you live?

Regardless of the answer, Eugene Havens discovers one enduring truth. When major life changes transpire, valuable parts of us are both lost and gained.

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  • Publisher: The Writing Thing Press
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From the back cover

Is the grass really greener living in the country? Writer Eugene Havens says goodbye to the city and agrees to move with his wife to rural Oregon. Instead of finding peace and tranquility, Havens is thrown into a fight over housing, jobs, and healthcare (with the arrival of a special-needs son). Can a city person survive in an isolated rural community? And will Havens ever find his way out?

About the author

Eugene Havens worked as a media writer in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco for over twenty years. He holds a master’s degree in fiction writing and is the author of Marble on a Table: A Novel. He lives in southern Oregon with his wife and four children.


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