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    The Writing Thing Press

    PO Box 1134,
    Klamath Falls, OR 97601

    Infrequently Asked Questions

    Who runs this company? WHO ARE YOU??

    Writers Eugene Havens and Michael Joel Green were chagrined (see, a writer word) at the state of publishing. They put their many years in the arts to use at this press.

    Can we trust you with our credit card numbers?

    In the memorable words of Michael Gary Scott, abso-fruitly. We use trusted payment processors (called gateways in the retail biz). They handle your credit card info. We don’t.

    What is more awe-inspiring, outer space or the deep sea?

    We lose ourselves wondering about the far reaches of space and the depths of the ocean. But the least-visited place in the universe is probably the back shelves of our refrigerator.

    Can I read your book and send it back for a refund?

    Our print books have built-in odometers like cars, so every page you read is counted and adds to the age of the book. Just kidding. A book needs to be unread to get a refund.

    Would you, like, want to publish me or something?

    If you need a publisher to get you started, we’re not set up to help. We partner with writers who can succeed on their own but want the benefits of a press name and presence.

    What is “The Writing Thing?”

    The writing thing is the age-old habit of putting yourself down on paper for the world to see, not to make money but to share your interior monologue that won’t go away.

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