COVID-19 Measures


At The Writing Thing Press, we’re committed to preventing the spread of COVID-19. We want to let you know, we’re doing our part for safety in the way that we package and ship your books.

We use best-in-class book-safe packaging that keeps your book free from outside contamination on its journey from us to you. For extra protection, each book is shipped in a plastic storage bag, with a double zipper, inside its cardboard envelope.

Our books are stored in boxes and only handled when sending to customers. Of course, as with any package sent through the mail, you may want to keep your shipment in the garage for a few days after receiving.


The US Centers for Disease Control has offered this guidance on receiving packages:

“Although the virus can survive for a short period on some surfaces, it is unlikely to be spread from domestic or international mail, products or packaging.”


if you have any questions, send us a message through our Contact Form. We believe shipping and receiving books during this time is reasonably safe, based on experts’ guidelines. We look forward to giving you something new to read.

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