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Marble on a Table: A Novel

Woman holding Marble on a Table: A Novel

Marble on a Table: A Novel
by Eugene Havens

The characters

Rasmus and Alli have nothing in common. What keeps drawing them back together? Coincidence? Fate? Something greater? At the lowest point of their lives, Rasmus and Alli risk everything to find a way through the mess. But Rasmus knows, looking for hope in New York City is a bad idea.

Novel synopsis

Can You Have Heart in a Heartless Place?

It’s 1995 in New York City. Money and drinks flow, but Rasmus Smith is no longer impressed. Weary of the city’s ruthless ways, twenty-eight-year-old Rasmus ventures to become a good person, an act of idealism that alienates everyone he knows. Things look bleak until Rasmus’s life is saved through the kindness of an urban Samaritan. This rescuer, Alli, shows Rasmus that selfless living is possible. Rasmus falls for Alli, only to find that selflessness and love rarely go together.

About the author

Eugene Havens holds an MFA from The New School and a BA in journalism from the University of Oregon. He has written for media agencies in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and has taught as an adjunct professor. He lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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A deeper look

Modern singles refuse to date people who hold different cultural views. What happens when two idealists from warring camps fall hard for each other? It’s the subject of Marble on a Table: A Novel, written by Eugene Havens, and published by The Writing Thing Press. 

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What happens when two idealists from warring camps fall hard for each other?

Debut novelist Eugene Havens spent twenty years crafting a believable love story between two young New Yorkers with irreconcilable lives. Marble on a Table follows Rasmus, a jaded freelancer with an interest in Eastern religion. He is pushed by city chaos into Alli, a captivating stranger with a hidden past, and a devout belief in the Biblical God. 

Rasmus and Alli instantly see a recklessness in their connection but find themselves drawn to each other. They’ll need to sacrifice what they believe to save the other, as a life hangs in the balance.

“Rasmus and Alli challenge each other’s assumptions,” says author Eugene Havens. “They realize their beliefs are protecting them from life’s edges. To grow and love, they need to risk.”