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Eugene Havens

Eugene Havens

West coast writer. East coast sensibility.

A lifelong writer and an ex-New Yorker, Eugene Havens explores the obstacles to contentment that modern people face. His debut novel is Marble on a Table.


Born in California, Eugene Havens grew up on the west coast. At twenty-one, Eugene moved to New York City and gained an insider's view of the media culture that shapes American life. A decade in Los Angeles and San Francisco continued his education in urban living. Later, Eugene moved to rural Oregon to write and raise a family.

Years later, Eugene still identifies with the uncompromising personality of New York City, where he spent formative time. New York is where Eugene earned an MFA in fiction writing, and it's the setting of his debut novel Marble on a Table.


"A decade in New York City taught me as a writer how to view suffering without cynicism, hope without sentimentality."


First Book:

Marble on a Table: A Novel